Fuse Finder

We sell a wide variety of fuses for standard household appliances and electronics. More than likely, we have the fuse you need! Fuses come in many different sizes, amps, and voltage. If you have questions about which particular fuse you need, here is some information to help you.


Knowing the Length of your fuse is important. This image shows the 3 fuse sizes we carry with a penny for a reference on size. Fuses are measured in millimeters. The fuses shown are: 6x30mm, 5x20mm and 3.6x10mm respectively.

End Cap Information

Fuse Information can be found either on printed the body or engraved on the end caps (most common). Typically, you find amp (A) and voltage (V) and whether it's a slow-blow (T) or fast-blow (F) fuse.

Slow or Fast Blow

There is an important difference between Slow-blow and Fast-blow fuses. The fuse on the left is a Slow-blow fuse, the bead on the wire (sometimes instead of a bead, an additional wire is wrapped around center wire) allows the fuse to retain varying spikes of current (like a hair dryer that is quickly switched from low to high speed). A Fast-blow fuse, pictured on the right, will not allow these spikes in current to pass and will blow. Using a slow or fast blow fuse interchangeably may cause major damage to your appliance or fixture.

Glass or Ceramic

A glass fuse will be clear, whereas a ceramic fuse will be white or grey in color. It's usually best to stick with the same type of fuse that is being used. If necessary, these two type may be interchangeable.

Fuse Codes

Once you have the length, blow and material you can check the chart for our fuse codes. After specifying the fuse code, just search for your amperage within that code.

Length/Size Slow or Fast Blow Glass or Ceramic Fuse Code
3.6x10mm (Mini Micro) Fast Glass 3.6x10mm (Mini Micro)
5x20mm Fast Glass GMA
5x20mm Fast Ceramic 217
5x20mm Slow Ceramic 218
5x20mm Slow Glass GDC
6x30mm Fast Glass AGC
6x30mm Fast Ceramic ABC
6x30mm Slow Ceramic MDA

Utilize the fuse code and the amperage to search for the fuse you need. If you need an AGC fuse and a 2.5A, search for "AGC 2.5A". If you have We always suggest contacting the manufacturer of the fixture or appliance you are repairing to ensure you are ordering the correct fuse.